In case you don’t know me, I’m a writer/artist/general creative-about-town with a penchant for picking up more side projects than I can put down. A lot of my time is spent freelancing or writing about freelancing, but the side-project list is getting long enough at this point that I wanted to stick ’em all in one spot so that you can peruse them at your pleasure. Below, you’ll find information on current art & merch availability, podcasts, fiction writing, and more.

The recurring theme throughout all of these projects is people who are often left on the fringes of society trying to find their place in it. I want to create things that actually reflect the worlds and experiences of me and my friends. If you like sass, action, magic in unexpected places, and a little bit of angst, you’ll fit right in.


Words: Books, podcasts, & more

The Worldslip Trilogy

What would happen if the world of fantasy and folklore collided with our own?

The Worldslip series asks that question. The first book, Keys and Needles, follows Tania – one of the Marked, a much-maligned group with supernatural powers in this alternate world – as she investigates the mysterious disappearances of children and finds herself drawn into a much bigger conflict than she’d ever anticipated. Available in paperback as well as on Kindle, iTunes, and Audible.

(Book two release is being worked on, so stay tuned for that!)


Unplaced is a podcast about a woman who wakes up one day to realize she’s invisible and everyone she knows is slowly forgetting about her. Season one is now complete — it’s a great time to catch up before season two starts!

Serendipity City

Serendipity City is an actual-play podcast that takes place in a sprawling, dieselpunk metropolis with a magical underworld (literally and figuratively). Anarchists fight corrupt companies, shapeshifters fight for turf, dwarves work in the caves underneath the city, and through it all, our intrepid group of questionable heroes just wants to do the job they were hired for.

Upcoming projects

Coming along in varying stages of progress are…

  • A serialized fiction/audio drama following the adventures of a queer time-traveling heist crew
  • A sequel series to the Worldslip trilogy set in the same universe, following a scrappy supernaturally-inclined PI
  • Multiple short stories
  • A choose-your-own-adventure text-based adventure game

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